Gladstone Memorial Trust
Travel Awards, 2014

The Gladstone Memorial Trustees propose to offer

8 or more Travel Awards
for the year 2014

The awards are intended to give men and women in their first or second undergraduate year (or third year of a four year course) at Oxford or Cambridge an opportunity to travel abroad and extend their knowledge of foreign countries. Final year undergraduates are not eligible.

The awards are not intended to support scientific expeditions or projects connected with academic courses of research.

Retrospective applications (i.e. for travel to be undertaken before the interview) cannot be accepted.

The maximum award is £600 per applicant

Applications should be sent (by post, NOT email, and clearly marked "Gladstone Memorial Trust", ) to

Dr Sam Lucy, Newnham College, Cambridge CB3 9DF (Cambridge candidates)

Dr George Garnett, St Hugh's College, Oxford OX2 6LE (Oxford candidates)

There are no application forms as such, but letters of application must be accompanied by:

The notes below may be found helpful in preparing applications. Further advice may be obtained from
Dr Lucy or Dr Garnett.

Successful proposals are well presented, show evidence of research into itinerary and costings, and give a motivation for the trip, going beyond the usual guidebooks.

Trips which have no serious purpose, such as a beach holiday, are unlikely to be funded; nor in general will applications to participate in large projects such as the Kenya Project, especially when the main aim is subsidy to the local community rather than independent travel by the applicant.

The Trustees pay attention to applicants' academic records and to their contribution to the life of their College. An application is more likely to succeed if it concerns a trip to somewhere the applicant has not previously visited for any length of time. An exotic destination is not necessary for success, especially if the applicant has little or no foreign travel experience.

Successful candidates must write a report on their experiences. An excellent example of such a report may be found here.

Examples of successful applications include: cycling through the Himalayas: meeting native peoples in Panama and Argentina: a trip overland from St Petersburg to Islamabad: learning to surf in Fuertaventura; and playing the trumpet in Cuba

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